La Sierra University                                                               3.90 GPA
Riverside, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
Bachelor of Arts in Management
Graduated summa cum laude

Chaffey College                                                                    3.83 GPA
Rancho cucamonga, ca

Started college courses in high school and continued into Fall 2017 before transferring to La Sierra University

Professional Experience

Aim Outdoor Group                                                April 2023 – Present
Ontario, CA – Marketing Lead

Started as a marketing lead. Responsibilities included editing product photos in photo in Photoshop for website catalogs. After a few weeks, I began assisting the Marketing Director in managing the marketing for all subsidiary companies under the parent company. Each subsidiary company required its own individual marketing, with different themes, color combinations, and emotions. Our target was Business to Consumer (B2C) with the majority of our cliental and sales being Business to Business (B2B). The marketing for these companies consisted of social media marketing, website management, website creation, data entry, data analytics, email campaigns, promotional material, packaging design, networking, customer service, photography, videography, and Creative Cloud work.

Centerfire Depot

Started social media marketing, improved the company website, prepared email lists, and constructed email campaigns, leading to a social media following growth of about 150% and overall monthly sales growth of over 240%

Dynamic Air rifles

Assisted in maintaining and updating Dynamic Air Rifle’s website, promoted new products, created promotional material, and maintained social media. Networked with a large retailer and distributor to post and sell our company products on their website, bringing more awareness to the brand and positioning the company to expand to international sales.

Aim sports inc

Already being established and known in the industry, Aim Sports Inc was the flagship of Aim Outdoor Group. A large majority of production was offshored in China, and is known in the industry for having inexpensive products. One of my goals was to rebrand from a low-tier brand to the best of the economy brands. I rebranded social media, created new formats and designs for the website, standardized our product pictures, and standardized our packaging design to gain a higher-quality look for our products. I connected with industry-leading retailers and distributors to carry the company’s products, pushing us to have a wider reach than we have ever had.

Raptor Defense inc

The objective for Raptor Defense Inc was to create an economy alternative to many high-priced competitors in the industry. With attending conventions, creating marketing material, creating our website, and social media marketing, we quickly became one of the top selling brands in one of America’s largest distributor for firearms.

warrior systems usa

Warrior Systems USA was the company that many of us who worked at Aim Outdoor Group took pride in. In April 2023, Warrior Systems was on a downward trend. After building a strategy and collaborating with different departments, we created a plan to grow the company. The goal was to grow the brand following, leading to the brand and product selling themselves rather than relying solely on the sales team. I created marketing material, rebranded packaging, managed social media, improved the company website, paid constant attention to customer service, and responded to emails and messages. The result of the strategies was that we doubled our brand following, more than tripled the company email list, quadrupled the sales of the previous year, partnered with large influencers on Youtube and Instagram to grow demand, partnered with industry leading brands, and ultimately made it onto the shelves of countless big-box distributors and mom-and-pop shops due. I created marketing material, rebranded packaging, managed social media

Loma Linda Chinese SDA Church                           January 2021 – Present
Loma Linda, CA – Head of Audio/Visual

Was previously the head of audio and visual for the Loma Linda Chinese Church before the pandemic, but stepped away when I began attending La Sierra University. I resumed my role during the pandemic, running the stream and audio, scheduling volunteers, and overseeing improvements to church technology.

In late 2024, will transition to Communications Officer, focusing on newsletters, website design, weekly announcement releases, event promotion, email campaigns, and social media management.

La Sierra University Zapara School of Business   March 2019 – January 2021
Riverside, ca – student assistant and troesh team

During my time as a student assistant and a member of the Troesh Team, I served as the assistant to the academic advisor and the dean’s assistant at the Top & Vi Zapara School of Business. This job entailed organizing schedules, working the front desk, assisting the academic advisor while she advised other students, planning and running events, adapting when different situations arose, creating advertisements, and creating and running a campaign for high school students. This campaign created a spike in potential student contact, which allowed us to answer many questions and address concerns that were presented by potential students and parents. This directly impacted enrollment and also set up the school of business to continue and improve the campaign in future years.

It was required of student assistants to be team players and help each other, as it was not uncommon for the workload to be heavy or events to be overwhelming. Being on e of the senior student assistants, we were tasked with teaching the new workers how to organize, pay attention to details, and work the computing systems. We assisted in teaching how to properly communicate with students, parents, faculty, staff, and donors.

La Sierra University                                      September 2018 – July 2019
Riverside, CA – Student Information Technology Technician

The primary responsibility as a student technician was to respond to tickets and resolve problems regarding technology and computing. Adaptability was important as many of the issues seemed the same but had different solutions. It was not uncommon to work independently or be the only technician on shift. As a technician, I often fulfilled 50% more tickets than my coworkers. Many faculty and staff would specifically request me, as they said I did a job better than the average, and went the extra mile to help them.